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Actually, the band was unaware of any Dr. Seuss connection for a long time. Then people started asking us if we knew of the Dr. Seuss story called "Too Many Daves". Did we name the group after the story? Well, no we didn't. We just had a lot of Daves in the group that would all come running when someone said, "Come here Dave". Then Dave said, "We have too many Daves in this group!". And another Dave said, " 'Too Many Daves' sounds like a good name for this group!". The others agreed and "Too Many Daves" became part of the group's name. Later when people told us of the story we were a bit curious. So, after asking around and looking in a couple of book stores we finally found it. The story is only about 6 pages and can be found in Dr. Seuss's book "The Sneeches". It's funny how life often imitates art and we could all really relate to this story. If you don't have the book, check out the following two links:

Too Many Daves(Text & Graphics)
Too Many Daves ( Text Only )

While we are on the subject of Dr. Seuss, check out the video "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T". Particularly if you play piano or have children that are learning how to play an instrument. This is the only Dr. Seuss movie(to our knowledge) that uses real actors to play the character parts. The sets and props used in the movie are really wild. Beware! The word "Atomic" is used in this film. Otherwise, the language is appropriate for small children. Have fun!!
The movie link [5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, The] has more information about this movie as cataloged by the [Internet Movie Database]. Also, the movie soundtrack can be ordered off the web at the [The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T Soundtrack] site.

If you're really into Dr. Seuss, there are many web sites for you to check out. Be sure to visit [The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Page] and [Cyber-Seuss]. Both these sites contain a variety of information about Dr. Seuss and his stories. But.....

Don't forget the kids when you go!

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