T oo M any D aves
and the
B rass S oul ution

Welcome to our band's home page. TMD performs a mix of recognizable covers and original music covering R&B, Soul, Pop, Funk, and Rock-n-Roll styles. The band "Too Many Daves and the Brass Soulution", or TMD for short, was originally formed with four members named 'Dave'. Now, we are a group of eleven (yes! 11) R&B'ers that have kept our fans in Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis partying for more than ten years. We feature a solid four piece rhythm section that sets the foundation, three featured vocalists project the message, five background harmony vocalists sweeten the sound, and our horn section just kicks butt! Our every song is a wall of sound and energy; from the most driving R&B tune to the sweetest ballad. We've established a loyal following and our fans are a special breed: they know how to party, and they love good music.

We've set up this little corner of the web for our fans to keep track of where we are playing and what new TMD projects are in the works. Be sure to email us your suggestions or comments. Remember, we've got 22 ears in this band and some of them still actually work!

TMD November 12, 2003

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