TMD Multi-Media

Video files and photo-shows take up quite a bit of web space. So, we're limited to the amount of mult-media content we can provide at this time. We will include new items as time and space permits. Please check out the links below.

TMD at Lurman Woodland Theatre, July 2nd 2006:

This photo-show was put together by Michelle Grasso our lead female vocalist. Thanks Michelle! The band had some fun with the Catonsville community for our first appearance at Lurmans. We had a great time with the audience while also managing to avoid the pending thunder showers that day. You might wonder what the blue tents on the back stage were for? We will not lie... Mostly for the sanity of our sound crew!

TMD at NASA Video:
This footage was taken at Goddard Space Flight Center in Lanham MD. Many of the band members have worked at this NASA center over the years. In fact, at one point over half the group worked at Goddard. So, it's no surprise that we were ask to play for this Goddard Day celebration. We extend special thanks to our sound engineer Mike Velle for providing this clip.

Jerry's Wedding Video:
Here's some footage of TMD playing at the Jerry O'Sullivan wedding reception. Yes, Jerry has been playing trombone with TMD for years but for this event his lips were reserved for somebody else:) Well, at least until after the honeymoon.

TMD Demo:
This is a rather lengthy video file and at 24MB can take some time to download but it's worth it. It features several songs and some interviews with the band. Special thanks goes to Dan's brother for shooting this footage.

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