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"Cyber Space" we like to visit.

Have fun!!

TMD Archives
Links to photos from TMD's past events. See how we're holding up after all these years!

Too Many Daves and the Brass Soulution on MySpace
Special thanks to Dave Buckholtz's daughter Brenda for creating this site.

Image Perfect Photography
Need a photographer? Morad & Karen Boroomand are a husband and wife team that provide a variety of photographic services in the Washington D.C. area. They are friends of the band and we love to see them clicking away at those TMD wedding receptions. Check out their photos and see if you can find our trumpet player Cliff.

FUN Sites

Dave Letterman's TOP10 Archive
Well, we had to put something here for the "The BIG Cheese". This site also includes [Dave's Monologues ] and [Stupid Pet & Human Tricks ] for those "BIG" Dave fans that can't get enough time watching Dave at night! Think we could get him to hire the band for an "All Daves Night"? A free ham to anybody named Dave in the audience! What a wild show that would be.

Cyber Dave
An interesting site that also includes [ Dave's Faves ] informative links to Deformed-Frog Pictures, Musical Sand and the Exploding Whale.
We're not sure but suspect this guy is an engineer!

Dave's List of Words That Are Fun To Say
How could we NOT include this page!

Favorite Band Sites

Tower Of Power
We can't get enough this group. This site is the official homepage for TOP.

CD Sample Sites

JAZZ Online
This homepage has a broad CD selection for those jazz/blues aficionados out there. Remember to bring your headphones!

Music Sites

Maryland Bands and Musicians
This link falls under the Maryland Entertainment home page. A great place for finding local entertainment. This site includes local bands, nightclubs, dance clubs, restaurants, comedy, and other venues within the state. Click [here] for their listing of local band schedules.

DC Blues Society
This site contains news about the society and some of the blues festivals they put on in the DC area. They also maintain a calendar of Blues groups that are playing in the area. Click [here] to see their current calendar.

The International Saxophone Home Page
Our saxophone players can now search the world for that perfect reed! Does anybody know the site where Pandas and Saxophonists unite to save the worlds bamboo forests? Let us know Rico!

Trumpet Player ONLINE
The wailing wall for trumpet players. Trumpet players are always striving to play higher, faster, louder, and drink more beer. You won't find beer here but you'll find plenty of sympathy from other players. We send our trumpet players here because the band just can't afford a good psychiatrist or enough beer!

Centre Music House
Once upon a time, a long, long..., time ago, our guitarist Dave Kistler worked at this store. He also worked with the store owner, a fellow named Corbit, in several bands back during the 70's. We're not sure, but suspect they even wore platform shoes, bell bottoms, and gold neck chains to their gigs. Check out the Notestation information at this site. Sounds like something even TMD could use on occasion. They also have a nice selection of hand made guitars to check out.

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