TMD "Sessions 96" CD

This CD was recorded during the winter/blizzard of '96'. Special thanks goes to our old drummer Bill Lanxner. Bill was the band director for a local high school and provided the "BIG BAND" room we needed to record these songs. This CD was mastered at Velle Studios. We've included some sample tracks below. Note that due to the nature of the internet the sound bytes can take some time to down load. Fast connections should take between about 20-45 seconds. However, if the network is slow the down loads can jump to 5-10 minutes. A good time to get that cup of coffee or bowl of ice cream. Enjoy!

  Cliff Brambora - Trumpet, Background Vocals
  David Buckholtz - Lead and Background Vocals
  Skyla Burrell - Lead and Background Vocals
  Eric Cathcart - Tenor Saxophone
  Stuart Frye - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
  David Kistler - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
  Bill Lanxner - Drums
  Chris Maus - Bass Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
  Jerry O'Sullivan -Trombone
  Ed Pease - Trumpet, Background Vocals
  David Sames - Alto and Baritone Saxophones

  Sound Engineer:   *
  Mike Velle - Wizard of sound, mixers, DAT recorders, microphones and over 2000 cords! Thanks Mike!

* Respect
8 Bit, 22 KHz(652K)
Skyla Burrell on Lead Vocal
* Soul Man
8 Bit, 22 KHz(666K)
David Buckholtz on Lead Vocal
* The Letter
8 bit, 22 KHz(672K)
Stuart Frye on Lead Vocal
* Get Ready
8 Bit, 22KHz(662K)
David Buckholtz on Lead Vocal,
Tenor Sax Solo by Eric Cathcart
* Hard To Handle
8 Bit, 22 KHz(746K)
Chris Maus on Lead Vocal
* Higher And Higher
8 Bit, 22KHz(668K)
David Buckholtz on Lead Vocal,
Trombone Solo by Jerry O'Sullivan
* Mustang Sally
8 Bit, 22 KHz(676K)
Stuart Frye on Lead Vocal
* In The Mood
8 Bit, 11KHz(333K)
Trumpet Solo by Cliff Brambora
* Knock On Wood
8 Bit, 22KHz(683K)
David Buckholtz & Stuart Frye on Lead Vocals

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