TMD Members & Supporting Cast

Currently, the band is made up of eleven musicians and one sound engineer. We have a five piece horn section, four piece rhythm section, one male vocalist, and one female vocalist. It's a lot of work but we strive to make this band fun. Here we've included hot links for each member. Now, you can get to know a little bit more about the individuals that make up Too Many Daves and the Brass Soulution.

Also, quite a few people help us out from time to time filling in as guest stars, running sound and lights, booking jobs, and hauling equipment(And we have a lot!). So..., we've included some people that have helped make the band what it is today.

Current Members:
Gary Binge - Drums, Background Vocals
Cliff Brambora - Trumpet, Background Vocals
David Buckholtz - Lead and Background Vocals
Eric Cathcart - Tenor Saxophone
Stuart Frye - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
Michelle Grasso - Lead and Background Vocals
David Kistler - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Joey Nahas - Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Chris Reiher - Trombone
Ed Pease - Trumpet, Background Vocals
Dan Ratner - Alto and Baritone Saxophones

Sound Engineer:
Mike Velle - Wizard of sound, lights, mixers, DAT recorders, microphones and over 2000 cords! Thanks Mike!*

Supporting Cast:
James Bjork - Tenor, Baritone, and Alto Saxophones
Deane Brand - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
Skyla Burrell - Lead and Background Vocals
Deane Charlson - Trumpet
T.J. Chatfield - Trombone
Dave DeMarco - Bass
Paul Dubois - Trumpet
Ken Feister - Bass
Gary Hill - Keyboards
Jerry O'Sullivan -Trombone
David Sames - Alto, Baritone, Soprano,and Tenor Saxophones(How about Bass Sax Dave?)
Rob Skanse - Trombone
Barry Yeager - Sound Engineer, Panda Sound
Craig Young - Tenor Saxophone
Mark Zaruba - Trumpet

Guest Stars:
Tami Huber - Lead and Background Vocals
Bill Jasper - Harmonics ( In every Key! )
Peter Shonerd - Percussion (Watch out SANTANA!)
Doug Wall - Lead Vocals

TMD's Hall Of Fame:
Dave Compe - Sound Engineer
John Cook - Drums
Gina Holl - Lead and Background Vocals
Lee Jacobson - Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Bill Lanxner - Drums
Chris Maus - Bass Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Jeff Scaringe - Sound Engineer
Brian Simms - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
Bruce Smith - Drums and Percussion
Kathy Stansbury(Diggs) - Lead and Background Vocals
David Wagner - Bass ( An original Dave )

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